Chinese National Achievers Congress 2016

Chinese National Achievers Congress 2016

Why does success come naturally to some, while others struggle working hard day to day just to make ends meet?

Like a lighthouse emitting a beacon of light guiding nearby ships, having the right mentor in life is metaphorically just as important, especially in today’s fast moving society and competitive economic climates.

So it doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, the hard work or the amount experience you have, the key to achieving success boils down to having the RIGHT STRATEGY & SYSTEMS. And who better to guide you through the process of developing and executing your strategy and systems than a mentor!

If you’re searching for new ideas to develop your business, thinking to start your entrepreneurial journey or to unlock your full potential as well as your business …

Then don’t miss out the upcoming Chinese National Achievers Congress! You’ll be equipped with:

  • blueprint systems for success
  • investment opportunities & strategies
  • proven strategies that you could apply in your business and personal life

For the first time in Asia, Success Resources will be hosting the National Achievers Congress in Mandarin. This is an opportunity to watch a panel of leading experts in their field speak live in a single platform.

Date: 25-26th October 2016

Time: 9am – 8pm

Venue: Wisma MCA, KL

*Get your tickets HERE*:

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