IFN Asia Forum 2017

IFN Asia Forum 2017

Going into its 12th year, IFN Asia Forum will bring together industry experts and investors from across the world to convene at REDmoney Group’s flagship event that focuses on the world’s largest and most active Islamic financial market. The two-day event will be a platform for industry professionals to discuss the latest issues surrounding the development of Islamic finance in the Asian region.

While Malaysia and Indonesia continue to lead the pack in terms of Islamic finance activities and Sukuk issuance, other major economies such as Pakistan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia are increasingly turning towards Shariah compliant financing activities to raise funds for projects, especially infrastructure- related ones. Turning to West Asia, Turkey has also emerged as a growing force in Shariah compliant finance with its participation banks, and the government’s increasing encouragement for the industry to take flight has seen more banks launching Shariah compliant banking windows.

Asia’s fast- growing Islamic capital markets will no doubt be a space that investors will keep their eyes on, as opportunities abound in this exciting market, and IFN Asia Forum will provide a chance for the audience to gain a clearer picture on the ongoing trends in the region, with invaluable insights from market and industry experts.

Admission is complimentary and hence, be sure to register early to reserve a seat at the forum.

Kindly visit REDmoney event website


contact Andy Law at +603 2162 7800 ext 43 / email andy.law@redmoneygroup.com for more info.

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