About Us

SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine is Southeast Asia’s best selling business magazine. Dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs, SME Magazine, features current news and in-depth analysis, and practical articles and features in everyday language.

A rapidly expanding sector, SME companies form the bulk of businesses throughout Asia and is often referred to as the thrust of the new economy. SME Magazine speaks to the owners and entrepreneurs, people at the driving seats of their respective business.

With a trendy cover coupled with a creative and refreshing layout, SME is exciting, inspiring and motivating. Driven by an excellent pool of correspondents and contributors, SME Magazine high quality articles are diversified, detailed and written in a way that gives our readers a global perspective while maintaining unique local insight.


  • SME Magazine has the largest circulation and readership among any business magazines in Southeast Asia
  • 72% of readers surveyed are business owners and entrepreneurs – the highest concentration among any media in the region
  • SME Magazine readers are affluent, high-networth individuals who are also decision makers for their businesses
  • SME Magazine has the lowest CPM rate when targeting business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Over 70% of current advertisers are multinational and public listed companies who want to reach out to business owners and entrepreneurs.

SME is separated into several major sections:


Featuring local and global news affecting SMEs, ranging from politics and the economy to business and corporate news.


A specialist section introduced to cover news and happenings, including opportunities for SMEs in these two countries-the fastest growing markets in the world.


Market Focus discusses current and emerging markets in details, with specific focus on business and export potentials to the country or region in focus.


Special Report highlights industries and issues that are affecting the markets and the economy as a whole, including interviews with key industry players, governing bodies and consumers for a holistic view of the business.


The Personality + Profile section fetures real-life entrepreneurs and their businesses and discusses their roads to success, tips and pitfalls, as a guide to other SME owners and manaagers.


A  regular feature with a how-to approach to some of the most common SME issues and requirements, including banking products, insurance, wealth management, business set up, intelectual properties and so on.


Our much beloved Insight section features top notch contributors and industry experts who share practical tips and know-how on dealing with common business issues. This includes the business environment, human resources, legal, advertising & promotions, branding and public relations.


At Your Leisure brings out the lighter side of the magazine. It brings forth the latest hip and trendy leisure and lifestyle subject matters in town and our regular book review section. In the market features our own selection of new products and services for SE owners, with an Editor’s Choice for the product of the month.