Dato' William Ng

The Small and Medium Enterprise Association (SAMENTA) has welcomed the new Malaysian Cabinet announced this afternoon. SAMENTA’s Policy and Government Relations Chairman, Dato William Ng said given the uncertainty globally in view of Covid-19, and exacerbated by recent political uncertainties; the naming of a new cabinet is much anticipated and would help to alleviate concerns of the business community.

Dato Ng added that SAMENTA hopes that the new government will place heavy weightage on policy continuity and transparency. SMEs in general have seen a decline in business even before the outbreak of Covid-19 due to the then imminent trade war between the two largest economies of the world. Needless to say, Covid-19 made the situation very critical for our SMEs who are already operating in an uncertain political environment amidst razor-thin margin.

Dato’ Ng hopes the new ministers will hit the ground running, and extends SAMENTA’s help in contributing ideas to revive the SMEs and the economy.


Formed in 1986, SAMENTA is Malaysia’s oldest association for small and medium enterprises. Our mission is to champion the development of SMEs through a four-prong approach of policy consultation, market access, business amplification and capacity building.



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