Demand for co-working spaces continues to skyrocket in Malaysia. Co-working spaces provides fully serviced and virtual offices for individuals or companies and are usually situated in prime locations. Those that establish themselves near public transportation in particular are immensely popular.

This new form of business culture has seen a rapid growth in popularity over the past few years; and with it comes demand for more co-working spaces throughout Malaysian cities.

It is not all about work though. One of the main reasons for the popularity of co-working spaces is the comfort and amenities that they provide. Many of these office spaces are bright, stylish and contemporary; providing a great environment for productivity. Some co-working spaces might even have an array of amenities that can provide customers a relaxing break should the need arise. Many co-working space operators often cite a proper work-life balance as one of their greatest selling points.

In the local context, the concept of flexible work-space is still relatively new and traditional office space is still the preferred choice among homegrown small and medium enterprises. However, the trend of co-working space is expected to grow, albeit at a gradual pace; as proven by the many spaces that have established themselves within the last decade.

One of the most well-known players in the Malaysian co-working space market is Regus Malaysia. Regus has seen massive success in Malaysia since it began operations in the country. Only recently did Regus Malaysia open it’s 34th office space in the Bukit Bintang area.

Named Regus Tribeca, the office space is strategically located within Kuala Lumpur’s leisure and business district which provides it easy access to public transportation as well as the many amenities in the area.

As the digital age continues to advance and the younger generation of workers enters the workforce, the demand for more co-working spaces will continue to grow. It is very likely that SMEs will adopt this form of corporate culture as their size and flexibility are a perfect fir for the services that co-working office spaces provide.